Hassan_Nan Oo

This is My Developer Story
  • When I was a child, i wanna become an Engineering.
  • I came to USA in 2008, everything look different than my country.
  • when i go school in USA, i was a very shy kid. Don't speak with nobody.
  • I have a lot when I was in school like I can't understand what people said.
  • I don't know how to read, write and definitly I can't speak english by the time.
  • when I was in High School I change my major to computer programming as my career because i don't know what type of Engineering i wanted to be.
  • I was thinking about changing my computer programming major to fighter because in order to become programming you need to know Math and I was so bad at math but I didn't wanna give up on my career.
  • Inside of me, I never wanna just give up on something that I don't know. I always wanna give a trying because that how we learn new stuff by trying.
  • My dream is that to become professional computer programming and someday i wanna help out others poeple who neen help.